Thank you to all who believed in me and continue to do so. I appreciate it. You can do it too!!!


Professionalism, kindness, compassion, and competency is what this exceptional establishment is all about. This is my first time under the guidance of First Step Recovery Center, and I have nothing but accolades for the entire staff.

I would like to give everyone involved in the entire program at First Step Recovery a great recommendation. I have been a patient here for the past 5 weeks and have had a great experience. The level of compassion and encouragement that I receive has kept me going forward on my road to recovery.

I have had the pleasure to be under the care of exceptional, experienced, and knowledgeable therapists, and have been kept up to date on my progress and treatment plans. They made every visit thus far fun and productive. I know I will be helped in short time by the hands-on expertise I receive on a daily basis and would recommend First Step Recovery Center to my friends and family. Great people. Great Service. “Amazing results.”

Steven S.

I recently completed the First Step Recovery Program. After struggling with addiction for the past 10 years, the staff at First Step was able to teach me the tools I needed to get past it and to cope. They are very helpful and did a lot for me.


My son recently completed the program offered through the First Step Recovery Center. As a parent wanting to be involved and educated, I found the staff to be very helpful and supportive. They took their time to work with me, answer my frequent questions, and guide my progress as well as my son’s. I would recommend First Step Recovery to anyone needing support with addiction and recovery.


I came to First Step Recovery with a 10 year opiate addiction that absolutely controlled my life, it (my addiction) was like an anchor that held me in one spot, stunting my spiritual, emotional, and mental growth; it affected my relationships with other people and skewed my overall view of reality. I came in scared to get clean, thinking that the detox process alone would probably kill me, but the staff were so kind and encouraging, they helped me find the courage and strength within myself to walk through the fire. No matter how I felt during the detox process whether it was restless, anxious, nauseous, or whatever, Doctor Matney and his staff were quick with a solution to these negative feelings of physical discomfort/withdrawal, that would normally have led me to using again (relapse). I am clean and sober and learning to face life head on, because I CHOSE to walk through the doors of First Step Recovery and ask for help. If you’re currently addicted to opiates and not sure how to stop the cycle of insanity, First Step Recovery can help. It’s your life, choose wisely.



I entered this program for my PC 1000 due to my drug use.  I was living an unhealthy life style that was leading me nowhere fast.  When I entered First Step Recovery Center I was still using.  Paula, Natasha and the rest of the First Step Recovery team took me in with open arms.  They showed the life skills I needed to live a clean and sober.  They helped me every step of the way through the struggles of my addiction.    They taught me how to better handle my addictive behaviors physically, emotionally and psychologically.  If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol I strongly suggest you give First Step Recovery Center a try.


After suffering from a back injury 20 years ago, I was introduced to Vicodin for the first time. Twenty years later I found myself taking a cocktail of morphine, OxyContin and Norco’s in massive quantities daily. To say the least my health and business was suffering terribly as a result of my full blown addiction.

I was introduced to First Step Recovery by a friend of mine who was attending morning 12-step meetings there. I shared my problem in that morning meeting and an attentive counselor there pulled me aside after the meeting and offered her understanding and empathized with me as a recovering addict herself. She introduced me to the program First Step offered and asked if I was ready to get clean.

That was 15 days ago and I just completed their outpatient Detox program. Today I am beginning their Intensive outpatient program and couldn’t be happier to have been liberated from my physical addiction to opiates. A massive daunting, all controlling addiction. I had tried to get clean in other detox programs, but they didn’t offer continuing support. After a spin dry 7-day detox, I would be released and there I was, alone, raw and the only direction given was to attend 12 step meetings.

I am so happy to have been introduced to First Step Recovery. First Step is a state of the art facility, Ultra-modern in their approach to treating and eradicating addiction problems in individuals. From their Detox to their Intensive Outpatient program they have surpassed all other facilities I have been in.

I give much thanks to their Doctors and Counselors for guiding me step by step on my path to recovery.


At “First Step Recovery” you must one to take the first step.  Going through detox isn’t always easiest.  Fear may even set in but, as strong as you were to step up to say “I’m done” use that same strength to get through your first step.  The intake consultants and counselors are so very nice and helpful with any and all of your needs.  Dr. Matney takes you serious and your recovery serious.  He researches and uncovers your anatomy in order to better assist you with your recovery.  Dr. Matney is very insightful and honest., First Step Recovery has been a place of sanctuary for me.  I am sober after abusing prescription drugs.  I have three small children.  My life is busy but I made a choice to start MY FIRST STEP.  I feel better, I take it one step at a time maybe min by min if needed.  If you’re looking for sobriety that is affordable, dependable and all around wonderful.  Take your first step at First Step Recovery center.


The process group was absolutely the best part of the experience here at The Right Step. It has been the best therapy that I could have possibly sought out for, and I was not even aware of this. It is a great format that is integrated into the program and it has been invaluable for my recovery.


Overall this was the best thing I have done for myself and my future. I feel great about everything. My resolve in this matter is very strong. All my needs were met more than I expected and will continue a happy and sober life using the tools that I have gained.