State of the Art Addiction Recovery Treatment
in Victorville, CA

with the FIRST STEP


Let us be the First Step on your personal Journey to Recovery

If your life has been ravaged by addiction, First Step Recovery Center wants you to know that you are not alone.

Stop suffering alone, and reach out for help.

What sets First Step Recovery Center apart is the combined power of our strong medical foundation with our full-service intensive counseling programs, in a completely outpatient setting which allows you to stay at home to maintain your work, school, and family responsibilities while you recover.

No matter what you have tried before,
if you are finally ready to make a change,
we are the ones who can help.

Our Unique Approach to Addiction Recovery Treatment

Emotional Recovery

Emotional Recovery

Our state-certified and nationally accredited counseling programs utilize both group sessions and one-on-one sessions to explore and address the underlying causes and conditions of addiction, and the behavioral patterns and challenges faced by each individual.

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Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery

Clients gain insight into their emotional and behavioral patterns, and past traumas are addressed in a confidential and safe environment as we offer licensed trauma-informed therapy to those clients that will benefit from additional focused mental health treatment.

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Our Credentials

First Step Recovery Center receives regular on-site inspections and comprehensive program reviews and is certified by the State of California Department of Health Care Services as a provider of outpatient and intensive outpatient alcohol and other drug program services. First Step Recovery Center very proudly maintains the highest level of accreditation.

Complimentary Assessment

Take the FIRST STEP and call us for a free assessment of your unique situation.  Same-day appointments may often be available, so please call our office if you want an appointment today.

Insurance Accepted

We accept all PPO’s, most major insurances accepted, and in network HMO’s.

Military Insurance Coverage

Your Military Insurance may cover treatment with us.  Please set up a free assessment to determine eligibility.

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Read our Stories of Recovery

All of the counselors are very attentive I like the group therapy sessions you get to hear everyone’s testimonies it makes me feel that I am not alone in the struggle that I am going through.”


I recently completed the First Step Recovery Program. After struggling with addiction for the past 10 years, the staff at First Step was able to teach me the tools I needed to get past it and to cope. They are very helpful and did a lot for me.


Thank you to all who believed in me and continue to do so. I appreciate it. You can do it too!!!


I came in here broken and afraid, when I walked in these doors, I had no idea that FSRC would not only change my life but save it. The love acceptance and support I received will forever be ingrained in my heart and will carry me through my journey as I continue to recover. This place is very special, and I feel blessed God and his angels brought me here.

R. I.

First step has been the best thing for me since I started coming.  I was suffering from an addiction that I couldn’t stop.  I desperately needed help and the staff listened and has helped me to beat the addiction.  The group meetings and therapist and doctors have given me the strength to add a few more years.


During my time at First Step I have gained the respect for myself that I have always needed.  I have the ability to remain sober and navigate through life as a productive member of society.  I appreciate all of the caring staff and everything they have done for me.

A. L.

First Step has changed my life!  They have always had an open door for me.  The program here has by far exceeded my expectations.

K. H.

So far my experience has been fantastic.  The staff is very welcoming, communicative and timely.  They’ve given me plenty of information to really understand the nature and avenue of recovery.  Group sessions are small and intimate and give everyone a chance to speak with established boundaries.  Whenever a chance to refer to the 12 steps to tie into what we’ve discussed arises, they point it out.  I feel that is very important to refer to the mission statement whenever possible.  Thanks for being here.

R. H.
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