At First Step Recovery Center, we always recommend Adelanto Continuing Care to all of our patients who are being discharged. We believe that continuing care addresses the continuing concerns of our patients and helps to decrease the chances of a relapse. Now, most patients believe that they are cured upon leaving rehab and that they are strong enough not to relapse. However, it only takes one moment of weakness for a person to put aside all they have learned about addiction and healthy living and to throw it away on one or two hours of feeling good or of fitting in with their former friends.

Continuing Recovery Provided in Adelanto Outpatient Rehab

Adelanto Continuing Care is certainly not as extensive and time-consuming as outpatient rehab is. While patients will certainly need to put some time into this form of care, they will still be able to take part in their normal, everyday lives, live at home, hold down jobs and generally do the other hobbies that they enjoy. Continuing care provides a place for them to share their concerns and struggles and to maintain their sobriety or clean living. Depending on the type of care chosen, individuals will be able to join with other former addicts to share struggles or concerns and to get help when they feel that they are about to succumb to temptation.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]Many Adelanto continuing care programs are available throughout the community. Patients can look for 12-step programs or other support groups that are designed for their issues and can participate on their own. Alternatively, we at First Step Recovery Center can make recommendations and help to get patients into other groups that they may not have heard of previously.[/su_note]

While we believe that the main focus in Adelanto aftercare should be on the individual, we also believe that it can be helpful to treat the entire family unit. Depending on the family, we may recommend couple’s counseling or family counseling, which can be a chance for individuals to discuss their hurts and fears about the addiction and about recovery. Many times, these counseling sessions can open people up to such an extent that they learn new things about each other and about themselves. Group therapy with other people who have also recovered from their addictive behaviors can give patients the opportunity to connect with others who are going through the same struggles as they are. Typically, Adelanto mentors will be provided here.