Apple Valley Family Programs allow the entire family to learn, grow and heal when one individual is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. Usually, one thinks of drug or alcohol rehab as being only for the substance user. This person will attend numerous sessions, may receive some medications for addiction and may even be admitted to an inpatient facility. While all of this remains the same, in family programs, additional therapy will be offered to deal with the issues that other family members are facing.

Family Support Through Apple Valley Addiction Recovery

Family members who may be involved in these Apple Valley programs include spouses, children, parents and anyone else who is close to the patient. These people often attend weekly sessions with the patient to work together to change behaviors that lead to substance abuse or that enable the behavior. In addition, family members will be able to work through their own emotional upheavals that have occurred due to the addiction.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]In some places, the family is forgotten in the quest to help the addict leave behind his or her dangerous behaviors. However, families are greatly affected by this behavior and keenly feel the loss of who their loved one once was. They require great emotional support as they work through their grief, sadness, and even anger and as they learn new coping mechanisms that can help them deal with their own internal problems as well as with the issues that the patient is facing.[/su_note]

The Effectiveness of Family Programs for Apple Valley Rehab

The reason that Apple Valley Family Programs are so successful is that they are geared towards changing an entire system. Individuals who are treated by themselves may see great success while in rehab but may feel undermined and tempted once they return to their normal daily lives at home. Family therapy will give close family members the tools that they need to aid in recovery success.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]There are numerous possible components to Apple Valley Family Programs depending on the needs of the family. Family therapy is almost always used and may include couples counseling, family education or cognitive behavioral therapy. In the case of family members who live a distance away, family video counseling may be used. Family weekends may also be used to give families time away with their loved one for group therapy sessions and family education. Dr. Matney and the staff at First Step Recovery Center will help Apple Valley families determine which option is best for them.[/su_note]