First Step Recovery Center in Victorville announces it is now part of the California Hub & Spoke System, combatting the opioid addiction crisis.

Victorville, Calif. (Press Release) – First Step Recovery Center in Victorville, California is pleased to announce that it is now participating in the “Hub and Spoke Program” of the California Medication Assisted Treatment Expansion Project. This program is designed to assist patients with opioid addiction and/or physical dependency who are either uninsured or “underinsured” and unable to afford their insurance deductibles. First Step Recovery Center is now accepting patients qualified for this program as a Spoke, having its Hub at the Riverside Comprehensive Treatment Center, in Riverside, California.

Benefits of Music Therapy | Victorville Alcohol & Drug Addiction Rehab

Benefits of Music Therapy

Music therapy is one type of treatment that may be employed by professional therapists in a drug or alcohol rehab setting. It can be used in individual or group settings. Some believe that if they have no prior experience with music, such as with playing an instrument or singing, then music therapy will be unhelpful…

Planning Sober Summer Events | Victorville Drug Addictions & Rehabilitation

Planning Sober Summer Events

Whether individuals have gone through alcohol addiction themselves or know someone who has, a sober party is a good option to remove temptation from the path of those who are most likely to fall back into unhealthy drinking habits. In fact, many people who have overcome alcohol addiction have never let those close to them…

Does Health Insurance Cover Rehab? | High Desert First Step Recovery Center

Does Health Insurance Cover Rehab?

With all of the commotion that has gone on in the past several years about health insurance, it is no wonder that average Americans have difficulty determining what is covered by their policies. It seems as if insurance providers come up with new rules all the time to limit who can receive what services and…

Dangers of Binge Drinking | High Desert First Step Addiction Treatment

Dangers of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is defined as drinking enough alcohol to bring one’s blood alcohol level to at least 0.08 grams percent. The CDC lists some of the following disturbing statistics about binge drinking that show how prevalent it is. ( Approximately 17% of American adults binge drink four times per month. Binge drinking is more common…

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month | Victorville Addiction & Rehabilitation

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence supports Alcohol Awareness Month every April. During this month, the organization focuses on removing the stigma from alcoholism, allowing those who have real problems with alcohol addiction to find life-changing care. In addition, the NCADD focuses on educating the public each April about what alcoholism is and…