Marijuana remains a hot topic throughout the United States as it continues to polarize numerous politicians and researchers as well as the public. Once known only as an illegal drug, marijuana has gained popularity throughout the United States as a treatment for such diseases as epilepsy and chronic pain as well as for less documented problems, such as poor appetite and PTSD. While thousands of happy patients swear by marijuana, the federal government still insists that science does not back up the claims that marijuana provides enough medicinal benefits to allow it to be legally dispensed by doctors including doctors in Victorville.

The Latest Federal Law Regaruding Marijuana

Early in August, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration reiterated their stand that the Food and Drug Administration does not show any positive need to move marijuana from its place on the list of Schedule I drugs to Schedule II. Schedule I drugs are those that have no medical use in the United States while Schedule II drugs are those that are dangerous yet continue to have proven medical use in the United States. Other drugs on Schedule I are heroin and cocaine. While lawmakers do agree that marijuana is not as dangerous as heroin and other related drugs are, they do not believe that it is safe enough to remove from Schedule I.

Because of this, the federal government continues to go against the 25 states and the District of Columbia that currently allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite the disagreement, the federal government has no plans to enforce their stance and will instead allow the separate states to enforce their own laws in this regard.

Dangers & Possible Addiction Treatment

Indeed, while some individuals in Hesperia or Apple Valley have seen nearly miraculous results from marijuana, it does remain a dangerous drug with an enormous propensity towards addiction. Once a person is addicted to marijuana, they find it very difficult to stop taking it and remain dependent on it. Even when the drug is no longer needed, they must continue taking it or risk terrible side effects, such as extreme irritability or anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor appetite, shakiness, and headache. Most people who are addicted to marijuana will need to seek treatment at a drug addiction recovery center.

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