Hesperia Family Programs are designed to help the entire family instead of just the individual who has abused drugs or alcohol. While older programs focused solely on the patient, on breaking the addiction and on forming new, healthier habits, today’s programs encompass more of the people and things that surround the patient. These family programs also take into account the way that many families suffer as their loved ones deal with addiction.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]While some family members are codependents or enablers of the patient’s addictions, not all families deal with this. However, no matter how healthy or unhealthy the patient and family relationships are, Hesperia Family Programs can improve the entire rehab experience. Patients will feel that their closest family members are on board with their treatment process, and families will feel that their own needs and concerns are being addressed.[/su_note]

Support for Hesperia Families Through Rehabilitation & Recovery

Many spouses, children, and parents struggle with a variety of emotions as they watch their loved one go through an addiction. They may feel as if they have lost their loved one, or they may feel anger that the individual has chosen an unhealthy lifestyle. No matter what emotions these individuals are dealing with, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or one of the many other options for Hesperia Family Programs is designed to help.

While the substance user will continue the traditional rehab programs chosen for him or her, a family program is a helpful addition that will set the patient and family up for success once rehab is over. Family therapy sessions will give everyone a chance to share feelings about addiction and rehab. Family education programs teach the entire family about addiction and about how they can best support their loved one. Support groups give the continued help that families need outside of therapy by connecting them with other families who are going through similar issues. Other options depending on the situation include marriage therapy and multidimensional family therapy, which is appropriate for adolescent children of the patient.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]As Hesperia families consider the options available to them, they may feel extreme confusion about where they should begin. This is where Dr. Matney and the staff at First Step Recovery Center can help. We examine the situation and diagnose what needs the patient has. We will then help to create a complete rehab experience that will leave both the patient and his or her family feeling supported.[/su_note]