Drug addiction may occur from seemingly innocuous sources, such as from painkillers that are prescribed following a surgery or a painful injury. Many addictions can be traced back to well-known painkillers, such as Percocet, Vicodin or Oxycodone. However, family and friends of the person taking the painkiller may not know when they should be concerned about their loved one’s habits. Understanding the signs and symptoms of drug addiction can be helpful in these instances as well as in instances where the person is not on a prescription painkiller but is demonstrating out-of-the-ordinary actions.

  •    Look for a change in work or exercise habits.

A person who is addicted to a drug will likely stop exercising and may begin showing up late to work. The individual often has less energy than he or she once did and finds it difficult to show up on time or exert much energy.

  •    Look for a change in eating and sleep habits.

Those suffering from drug addiction often decrease their eating habits and may lose weight even without additional exercise. The person may feel tired and sleep excessively at times or may suffer from insomnia.

  •    Look for a change in self-care.

Those who are addicted often lose interest in caring for themselves. Hygiene may suffer, and these individuals may develop an odor from lack of cleansing. In addition, those who once liked to dress up nice may lose this interest.

  •    Look for a change in relationships.

The individual may lose interest in relationships that were once seen as very important as the focus changes to finding more drugs.

  •    Look for more significant changes.

These people may start taking increasing doses of the prescription and may even steal to ensure that their supply is maintained. Other significant signs include overspending, obsession with the drug and risk-taking behavior.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]If possible, the person taking the drug can be included in this important conversation if it will help them understand the gravity of the situation. Any type of drug abuse, whether it seems significant or small, should be addressed with the help of a qualified physician. Dr. Matney at First Step Recovery Center utilizes a variety of treatment modalities to address all types of drug and alcohol abuse. With a wide range of outpatient options, patients can feel freedom even as they recover from their debilitating drug dependencies.[/su_note]