Drug addiction causes individuals not only to lie to others about their problem but also to believe a huge set of lies themselves. If they could see the truth, they would seek help and work on changing their lives. Most addicts have a sense of denial about the severity of their problem as well as disbelief that they would ever have a problem stopping should they want to quit. These five lies permeate the lives of most people who are addicted to drugs and cause them to rationalize their response to other problems in their lives.

  • It Is Not Really a Problem
    • Many people who are addicted to drugs cannot truly see how much of the drug they take, how often they must have it or how they cannot go on with their lives without having it. They believe that they are still in control of their cravings and that they could go off the drug any time they wanted.
  • It Is Not Affecting Anyone Else
    • Addicts have trouble seeing how addiction greatly affects their relationships. Many have trouble maintaining a healthy relationship with a significant other while others can no longer care for their children.
  • My Situation Is Different
    • Addicts often rationalize their addiction by looking at others who are in worse shape than they are. As long as they feel that they are better than others are, they lack the motivation to change.
  • My Life Will Never Change
    • Other addicts have low self-esteem and feel that there is no hope for them. They may believe that they have lived such terrible lives that they do not deserve anything better from life.
  • I Might As Well Give Up after Relapse
    • Other addicts struggle with continued cravings that cause them to relapse while in recovery. They may falsely believe that they will never be able to kick the habit completely and may give up on recovery altogether.

Lying to oneself is a dangerous problem that can hinder a person from seeking help until he or she reaches the bottom. However, Dr. Matney and First Step Recovery Center are here to help people in all stages of drug addiction. We also work with families who are concerned that a loved one may have an addiction. Call our office today to begin down a new path to truth and success rather than denial and lies.