Whether individuals have gone through alcohol addiction themselves or know someone who has, a sober party is a good option to remove temptation from the path of those who are most likely to fall back into unhealthy drinking habits. In fact, many people who have overcome alcohol addiction have never let those close to them know what they have gone through. Therefore, party throwers should take care to keep celebrations throughout the summer sober because they never will know who may be in attendance.

Plan Activities

Drinking often occurs when there is nothing else to do except stand around and chat, and, of course, drinking games should certainly not be allowed. Hosts can instead focus the party on a theme, or have several activities that will keep all guests involved and keep their minds off alcohol. Consider having an outdoor movie night with popcorn and soft drinks, a carnival-themed party with fair-style games or a dance party with an outdoor dance floor and plenty of peppy music. Hosts can also stage parties outside the home at local parks or recreational centers.

Have Plenty of Food and Drink Choices

When guests are presented with lots of delicious items to eat, they will not be thinking so much about wasting calories on alcohol. Keep the foods rich in protein to keep guests filled up. Be sure there is at least once substantial meat item, such as hamburgers or chicken wings. Carbohydrate-rich foods will give guests energy for activities to come. In addition, plenty of great non-alcoholic drink choices is available, such as iced tea, lemonade, soda, juice, and mocktails.

Have a Daytime Event

Most drinking seems to happen at night, so hosts who keep their parties during the day will see less stigma for foregoing alcohol. Nighttime drinking can easily lead to DWIs and fatal car accidents. Hosts can feel free to make the no-alcohol policy clear on the party invitations to keep partygoers from bringing their own alcoholic beverages.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]Those who have a problem with alcohol or who have a friend or loved one who has a problem with alcohol are invited to call First Step Recovery Center. While many believe that they can get their drinking under control themselves, this is usually impossible. Alcohol addiction affects all parts of the body and mind, and professional help in the form of rehab will provide the greatest success.[/su_note]