Most people will not like the thought of staying in an inpatient rehab facility for Christmas. Others will think that it is a mandatory requirement that they are allowed to go home to see their family for a few days over the holiday. However, most inpatient rehab facilities operate fully over Christmas and recommend that individuals stay in the programs throughout the holidays. Below are some reasons why rehab over Christmas is helpful as well as some helpful tips for getting through Christmas while in rehab.

Spending the Holiday Season in Rehabilitation

Staying in rehab over Christmas can be incredibly beneficial. Patients need to consider how many temptations they will face if they go back to visit family and friends before they have totally recovered. Christmas is often a season for excessive drinking and for looking for artificial ways to escape from problems. Relapse can occur in even one day. In addition, taking time off from an inpatient program can slow down the entire process and may make the individual have to stay longer than they originally thought they would in rehab. Of course, loved ones who care for these recovering addicts will be able to rest easily knowing that their loved ones are safe and away from their dangerous temptations.

Rather than feeling down and depressed about missing the holiday festivities with family and friends, individuals in rehab should remember that their ultimate goal is for overall health and wellness for the rest of their lives. In addition, most inpatient facilities do offer some type of special holiday celebrations that will help it to seem like a special day. In fact, staying in rehab over Christmas can be an amazing gift to oneself. Indeed, it is a beautiful gift that will continue to give over the rest of the person’s life as he or she learns to live a productive life without dependency on alcohol or drugs.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]Individuals in inpatient rehab need to remember that while Christmas celebrations are important, ultimate recovery is even more important. Recovery can spell future health and wellness. In addition, remember that this is only one Christmas season, and next season will look totally different away from rehab. For individuals who believe they may need some type of treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, Dr. Matney can offer individualized plans for outpatient and inpatient treatment at First Step Recovery Center in Victorville, California.[/su_note]