While much of the talk about the ongoing opioid addiction epidemic focuses on those who are buying, selling and using the drugs, one of the hardest hit sectors from all of this is the children of the opioid addicts. These children often deal with unspeakable circumstances, terrible living conditions and abuse as they struggle to survive with their parents. Many times, they also struggle to match their love for their parents with the fear and distress that they feel. Dozens of counties around the United States are currently struggling to meet the needs of these children and to raise awareness of the need for foster families to care for these children.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]The way that many of the children of addicts live are truly appalling. These children may not have a place to sleep, and if they do have a place to live, the squalor of the residence is incredible. Children have been found in conditions that are extremely dirty and filled with human refuse. They may have direct access to syringes and drugs. In addition, many of these children are intimately acquainted with hunger as many parents spend all of their money on acquiring more drugs.[/su_note]

Help for Children and Family of Recovering Addicts

Counties and government agencies have been getting involved in many of these situations. Images have swept social media in the past months that show law enforcement officers discovering children with their unconscious parents. These images have helped show Americans the great need for opioid reform across the country and for the need for quick access to such drugs as Narcan.

Social workers in numerous counties across the United States are realizing that the need for qualified foster parents is quickly escalating. Ohio, Indiana, Vermont and West Virginia have been hit hard by overwhelming rises in the number of children being put into foster care. Some counties have issued pleas via billboards and other means to area families regarding the need for more parents to join the foster care system.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]At First Step Recovery Center, Dr. Matney and his qualified staff work diligently to educate area residents about the dangers of opioid addictions and the importance of early treatment. Dr. Matney is able to meet with any individual who is struggling with addiction as well as with family members who are concerned that their loved one is struggling with addiction. Children’s lives are certainly too important to be wasted by a dangerous and deadly addiction.[/su_note]