For many, it can be tempting to leave rehab early. They may feel that they are not making any further progress or that they are fully recovered. However, it is always best to leave this decision up to the team of professionals. Some addicts may not have wanted to attend rehab in the first place and take the first opportunity to leave against medical advice. Others find it difficult to be committed to the process and are eager to return to their old lives, relationships, and jobs. Still others feel that they cannot deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. Rehab is a multi-faceted approach that deals with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational aspects of the person. By not completing treatment, real harm can occur.

Missed Treatments

Those who leave rehab will no longer receive the medications needed to stay drug or alcohol-free. They may be left with cravings that cause them to turn back to their old habits quite quickly. In addition, they will be left without the support of individual and group therapies and will have no access to mentors when they feel tempted by their old habits. Besides, it can be downright dangerous to stop in the middle of the detoxification process, especially for patients who have chronic health conditions.

Poor Transition to Home

Those who leave before rehab is completed often find it extremely difficult to transition back into their homes. They will not have received the support and education that they needed to learn how to make new, healthy habit and turn away from their old temptations, lifestyles and dangerous friends.


Because these people are not prepared for their home lives, they often relapse, turning back to alcohol or drugs for relief from withdrawal symptoms or from mental stressors. These people are not very likely to return to rehab and may revert to an even worse lifestyle than they once had. They will not realize that they are accountable for their actions and decisions and may become stuck in dangerous addictions, disappointing their families and friends.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]First Step Recovery Center treats alcohol and drug addictions. Dr. Matney maintains a warm but firm approach to rehab and works with individuals who feel that they are not making progress in rehab. With a wide range of medical and behavioral programs, First Step can help people at all stages of recovery.[/su_note]