At First Step Recovery Center, we offer individuals a variety of Victorville Family Programs that can help the entire family recover from the substance user’s addiction. While traditional programs focused solely on getting the substance user away from his or her addiction, recent research has shown that getting the entire family involved can have a variety of benefits. In fact, both the National Institute on Drug Abuse and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend this style of treatment in combination with other treatment modalities.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]When we speak of family programs, we are referring to getting anyone who is close to the substance user involved in the treatment plan. This should, of course, include spouses and significant others, and could also include children depending on their ages. Parents, siblings and other close relatives may also participate depending on the roles that they play in the user’s life.[/su_note]

Support for Victorville Families Through Addiction Therapy & Treatment

Most of the therapies that are part of a Victorville Family Program are group-style therapies that allow the family members to participate in a therapy session with the substance user. Users who are married may join with their spouses for couples therapy or marriage counseling, which can address the effects that drug or alcohol abuse has had on the marriage. Strategic family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are other broad categories of programs that could be offered. Family members will learn how to cope themselves with the substance abuse and with the treatment programs. They will learn what changes they can make to uphold the individual going through treatment. In addition, they will learn how to deal with their rapidly changing emotions throughout the treatment process.

[su_note note_color=”#F0F0F0″]Family programs are almost always used simultaneously with other forms of treatment. For example, the substance user will also be in individual therapy and in group therapy with others who are going through the same treatment program. Some individuals may also need to use medications for a time as they wean off drugs or alcohol, and a few Victorville patients may need a brief stay in an inpatient facility.[/su_note]

The benefits of Victorville Family Programs are huge. The substance user will be able to see how his or her choices affect the family. Families will be able to work together to improve communication and relationships. Finally, family members will learn about codependency and enabling, two behaviors that can obstruct positive change for the patient.